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A dazzling macro shot of three Victorian-era yellow gold rings, featuring old cut diamonds, ruby, sapphire, and opals, overlaid with with the dates and location of the Toronto Vintage Show

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two hands, with the first two fingers posing as legs, appear to walk down a white architectural set. both hands are fully draped in jewels
a hand decked out in gold rings and with bright nail art rests among a splayed pile of antique gold chains
on a stark white background, two hands covered in gold rings appear to play tug of war with a geometric gold bangle

a hand covered in gold rings playfully emerges from a white hole, holding a vintage gold toothpick like a cigarette
a large size ring with a substantial diamond is held between two hands with a fabric tape measure cheekily passing through it

two hands - in statement gold rings and bright nail art - attempt to catch a spill of diamond jewels tumbling out of a prescription bottle
  • Pre-loved and ready to be re-loved, our estate, vintage, and antique pieces are hand selected for their next chapter with you

a minimal stack of three contemporary rings: at bottom, a pale purple sapphire eternity, above it a diamond eternity with contour, and on top a rose gold chevron band

St. Eloi Collection

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a contemporary chain and charm ring hold a trio of vintage pendants: an Egyptian hammer, a French love token, and an Italian mano cornuto

St. Eloi Collection

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Complement your one-of-a-kind vintage with timeless staples

side by side are an original vintage signet ring with carved onyx and the new solid gold double made from its mold: both feature an intaglio of a cockerel and the word WATCH

St. Eloi Collection


Unique pieces inspired by outstanding antiques

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  • Founded in 2017, St. Eloi is named for the patron saint of goldsmiths.

  • Curator, creator, gemmologist, and goldsmith Carly personally picks every item we sell.

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