About St. Eloi

St. Eloi

Founded in 2017, St. Eloi is named for the patron saint of goldsmiths, and holds quality, antique craftsmanship in the highest regard while keeping an eye to timeless style and wearable art. With a strong belief that antique and vintage jewelry can and should be easily integrated with your everyday wardrobe, we hope to demystify antiques and make them more approachable. Antique, vintage, and estate pieces are a wonderful way to enjoy environmentally- and ethically-friendly precious materials, and to own a small piece of history that you can continue to pass on through the ages.


About Carly

Carly wears a minty green jumpsuit and stares straight at the camera with a confident gaze.

As a young girl, Carly enjoyed a few odd pastimes: a favourite game was playing shopkeeper, lining up all of her mother’s shoes in the stair banister and being positively delighted to show her “client” intriguing styles, each one a perfect fit. In first grade, she cleverly earned pocket money by peeling the rhinestones off of her early-90s winter coat and selling them to her friends. On more than one occasion, she experimented with alternative rings, getting fingers stuck in toy kaleidoscopes  and clipboards and then needing to have these items sawed off. Hindsight being what it is, what at the time was merely bizarre behaviour seems now to have been an early sign that Carly would find her way to the world of jewelry, right?

After dabbling in other schooling and careers (a degree in Cultural Studies and a stint in travel marketing), Carly discovered her great passion when she began to train as a goldsmith. In studying the history of jewelry, she developed a deep appreciation of antique and vintage pieces, growing her personal reserve before taking the leap into offering a selection for sale. After gaining further experience in the contemporary jewelry world while managing a Toronto boutique, Carly launched her curated collection online, with occasional pop-up shops and shows in the Toronto area.

She's a proud Fellow of the Canadian Gemmological Association and member of the Women's Jewelry Association. A sucker for The Simpsons, pugs, and high-karat yellow gold, Carly is currently based in the South Bay Area of California working on St. Eloi's international expansion.